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Through our engagement in stage 1 of this project, a number of key themes emerged to help shape the development of sketch ideas for the future of George Square. Our analysis of findings across each of these themes has helped to shape the approach to the material presented in this survey.


There was significant support for including greenery in George Square, with 88% of survey participants in favour of this, and 82% in favour of the team exploring options that expanded the amount of greenspace. 80% of participants said that they would be more likely to spend time in the Square if it were more green.

Heritage, monuments and public art

The project team have thought carefully about how to respect the heritage of the Square, while exploring opportunities to accommodate new uses and spaces. 67% of survey respondents were in favour of exploring design options that might involve relocating statues to new locations within the Square, or elsewhere in the city.

Transport and active travel

Survey respondents were highly supportive of creating infrastructure to support walking and wheeling in the city centre. This support extended to proposals to close George Street and St. Vincent street along their boundaries with George Square to private vehicles, with 67% and 65% agreeing with this respectively.

Future uses of George Square

Participants broadly supported a range of future uses for George Square that supported space for rest, relaxation and social interaction in smaller groups; of the range of options presented to participants, the most popular were seating, spaces to spend time during lunch breaks, and lawn spaces.

Environmental sustainability

Participants told us that their key environmental priority was enhancing long term air quality by reducing levels of pollution

A summary of Stage 1 engagement findings is available here

The emerging sketch ideas

The design team has put together a series of ideas for the future development of George Square. These take the lessons learned from our first stage of engagement. These ideas are presented below, with 3D sketches, information on the key features, and images of precedent examples to give an impression of how the finished Square might look.

Once you have read through the imagery and information, there is a survey below where you can tell us about your reactions to these ideas.

Key features:

  • The majority of existing monuments or statues to be retained or relocated within the square.
  • A single large lawn space.
  • A large flexible hard open space that is flanked by continuous seating.
  • Cafe and restaurant breakout areas are scattered under the tree canopies on the western edge.
  • Sensory planting adding colour, texture, movement, and smell to stimulate the senses and generate interest.
  • Rain gardens - planted areas designed to capture rain water helping to reduce flooding risk and filter out sediments and pollutants. It will also promote wildlife with the creation of habitat for birds and butterflies.
  • Area:
  • Total Area: 14,400m2
  • Current Green Area: 2,680m2
  • Proposed Green Area: 5,500m2

George Square Survey

Now that you've seen the emerging sketch ideas for George Square, you can complete a survey and share your thoughts.

Click the button below to take part in our survey. The survey will open in a new tab, and you can return to this page if you want to review the design options as you complete the questions.

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