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Block C Avenues

Stage 2 Engagement Outcomes

Digital surveys and conversations around George Square and the surrounding Avenues have already generated a wealth of information and data - helping to better understand local residents' perceptions of these two project areas, and providing significant input to shape the development of design proposals as the project progresses into design stages.

The following is a summary of these findings from the people of Glasgow.

What was stage 1 engagement?

A number of opportunities were created for citizens ro respond to early sketches from the design team. This included: updating this website; Digital Surveys for George Square and the Avenues; Exhibition Pop Up in George Square;  drop-in ‘Meet the Design Team’ events; Thematic Workshops with invited stakeholders; Business and Commercial Workshops; and Social Media posts and adverts. These activities were held in August and September 2022.

The downloadable report collates data gathered - from responses to surveys, as well as from direct communication (voicemail and emails) and social media comments - and presents quantitative and qualitative information and insights drawn from multiple choice and open text questions, providing a thematic breakdown of responses where appropriate.

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An architectural visualisation showing people walking across George Square.
An architectural visualisation showing people walking and sitting on public benches.
An architectural visualisation showing people walking across the edge of George Square.

During the stage 2 engagement these sketches were used across all engagement opportunities to explore design options for George Square and the city centre Avenues with participants.