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Block C Avenues

Stage 1 Engagement Outcomes

Digital surveys and conversations around George Square and the surrounding Avenues have already generated a wealth of information and data - helping to better understand local residents' perceptions of these two project areas, and providing significant input to shape the development of design proposals as the project progresses into design stages.

The following is a summary of these findings for the people of Glasgow.

What was stage 1 engagement?

This website and two digital surveys were launched on 11th February 2022, with the surveys closing to participants four weeks later. Visitors to the website were invited to respond to either or both of the surveys. The first was focussed specifically on ‘George Square’ and a second survey covered design outcomes for ‘The Avenues’ generally.

The downloadable report collates data gathered - from responses to surveys, as well as from direct communication (voicemail and emails) and social media comments - and presents quantitative and qualitative information and insights drawn from multiple choice and open text questions, providing a thematic breakdown of responses where appropriate.

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During the stage 1 engagement diagrams were used in the digital surveys to explore design options with participants. Each diagram shows the impacts of a design decision like increasing turfed lawn areas or changing the space available for gathering.

These are just four of a wider suite of options provided to participants in the stage 1 surveys to help define an approach to the design, from left to right these show: finding a balance between gathering and garden space; design to reflect people's paths across the Square; George Square as a garden square with large lawns; and, George Square as an event space with a majority of paving.